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Pultrusion Process Advantage


Pultrusion process advantage

The main advantages of pultrusion compared to other composite production technologies are as follows:


1. High utilization rate of raw materials

Compared with the traditional lay-up technology, pultrusion technology does not need to cut the sheet fiber material or prepreg, and directly uses the raw yarn and prepreg tape for production, except that there are small parts at both ends of the profile that need to be cut off (cut off) The length depends on the length of the initial pulling fiber and the length of the curing mold), and no other waste is generated during the production process.

2. Can produce complex structural profiles

The technology suitable for profile production in the engineering field includes winding technology and weaving technology. Due to the limitation of the working principle, the above two technologies can only produce single-cavity simple section profiles, and it is relatively difficult to arrange longitudinal reinforcing fibers. However, pultrusion technology is temporarily unable to effectively produce variable-section profiles.

Pultrusion process advantage

3. High production efficiency

Pultrusion technology is automated or semi-automatic assembly line production, with both “forming” and “curing” functions, enabling continuous production. The pultrusion speed can reach 10 meters per minute, which is unmatched by other “form-cure” fiber composite production technologies.

4. Good quality

Through automated equipment, process parameters such as profile traction, longitudinal preload, winding/weaving preload, mold temperature distribution, resin injection pressure, and pultrusion speed can be precisely controlled in the production process to ensure overall quality uniformity. and controllability. In addition, when the profile is cured, it is covered by the outer mold. After curing, the overall dimensional tolerance of the profile is small and the surface quality is high.

Pultrusion process advantage

5. High flexibility

By using different fiber materials and substrates (such as ultra-high modulus unidirectional fibers or multiaxial fibers, thermosetting resins or thermoplastic resins, etc.) pultrusion technology can produce products with different applicability according to different needs.

6. Strong expansion/replication

By using the same molds, process parameters, and raw materials, it is possible to quickly expand the production line or replicate it in other regions while maintaining the same quality. High-volume, high-quality profiles can be produced without the need for experienced layup workers or high-cost autoclave equipment.



Post time: Jun-15-2022