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Hydraulic Reciprocating Pultrusion Machine

Short Description:

Hydraulic Reciprocating Pultrusion Machine is kind of basic pultrusion machine been widely used to produce various FRP pultrusion profiles such as square profile, rectangular profile, cylinderical profile. It has the characteristics of convenient replacement, suitable for pulling various profiles, convenient adjustment, stepless voltage regulation (speed regulation), stable operation, with centralized lubrication system, large output, etc. Its products are widely used in various fields: Electrical Engineering, anti-corrosion engineering, construction industry, transportation, sports and entertainment and other aspects.

  • Model: Pultrusion-Y-200
  • Automatic: Full Automatic
  • Product Detail

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    Hydraulic Reciprocating Pultrusion Machine

    Pultrusion Process

    The rovings, mats or other fabrics are pulled through a resin impregnation bath and then into a heated die using a continous pulling device. The final products are formed under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

    Pultrusion Process


    1. The machine is designed according to the big section profile, with the features of strong traction force, smooth and reli-able operation;

    2. There are single, linkage and alternation pulling three pulling modes, which facilitate the production process adjustment;

    3. The machine has separate double hydraulic systems. It has strong ability of anti-interference;

    4.Equipped with the powerful force chille, the machine can realize 24 hours revolutions easily;

    5. The main electricity and hydraulic pressure components are imported, they have high sensitivity and low failure rate;

    6. HMI touch screen control;

    7. Ethernet connection for remote access and monitor;

    8. The machine equips with pre-warning function of troubles;

    9.Clamping envelope size,technical data display and control modes and dust collection mode are based on customers're-quirements.


    Model Pultrusion-Y-100 Pultrusion-Y-200 Pultrusion-Y-300 Pultrusion-Y-400 Pultrusion-Y-500 Pultrusion-Y-800
    Max.Pulling Force  100KN  200KN  300KN  400KN  500KN  800KN
    Max.Clamping Force  100KN  200KN  300KN  400KN  500KN  800KN
    Pulling Speed  0.1-1.0m/Min   0.1-1.0m/Min   0.1-1.0m/Min   0.1-0.7m/Min   0.1-0.5m/Min   0.1-0.36m/Min
    Power  2 x 4kw  2 x 5.5kw  2 x 7.5kw  2 x 5.5 kw   2 x 5.5 kw   2 x 7.5kw
    Clamping envelope  600 x 400mm  800 x 300mm   800 x 300mm   800 x 300mm  1000 x 300mm  1500 x 400mm
    Hydraulic Pressure  2-16Mpa   2-16Mpa   2-16Mpa   2-16Mpa   2-16Mpa   2-16Mpa
    Air Pressure  0.4-0.6Mpa   0.4-0.6Mpa   0.4-0.6Mpa   0.4-0.6Mpa   0.4-0.6Mpa   0.4-0.6Mpa
     Control Mode PLC

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