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FRP Grating Machine

Short Description:

We are specialized in production of 25#,30#,38#,50#,and other specifications of the national standard molded FRP grating mould and customized non-standard specifications of FRP grating mould.The following takes the common 38# molded FRP grating mould to illustrate the FRP grating mould configuration and parameters.


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    Equipment parameters

    1. Mould base

    Material: Made of 140-channel, Q235A-14mm steel plate welding;

    Size: 1300mm * 3800mm * 55mm.

    Processing: welding molding,milling machine precision milling through the upper panel,straightness and levelness reach 0.1mm/m.

    Color: Iron Gray/surface treatment according to customers requirement.


    2. Hydraulic lift system

    Material: Q235A-25mm steel, 40Cr steel.

    Insist of: Around slider 8 (40Cr),layering 16,trabecular 4, beam 2,the slider 2 (40Cr),outside diameter is ¢125,inside diameter is ¢100,cylinder  2 pieces.

    Processing: 1) bolts links,slide machined from CNC milling machines made precision ≥0.02mm,grinding,deburring after quenching,which greatly improves the mechanical properties and wear resistance.Cylinder seals are made of imported high quality oil seals,practical and long life.

    Color:Iron Gray/surface treatment according to customers requirement.

    3. Ejection system

    Material:100 * 70 * 5 of I-beam material is 65Mn, ¢6.5 thimble material is SKD61, Q235A thimble flake.

    Insist of:Several I-beam,several 65Mn thimble,several thimble flake.


    1) After the I-beam by CNC cutting machine cutting by milling on CNC milling / lower ends of the plane, at the ends of welding sealing;

    2)After sealing I-beam through CNC drilling machine drilling thimble perforations, each 11 holes; 3)The thimble flake, beam bolted together;

    3)Descaling, deburring paint treatment;

    4) Color: Iron Gray / surface treatment according to customers requirement.


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